Renew Motor Car Insurance Online is registered Insurance Agent with Allianz General Insurance (Company) Malaysia Berhad (AGIC) and to provide you a better service by offering you an online platform to renew your motor car insurance. All vital information can be submitted to via their  online form and they will process them as-if they have collected them in person. Your insurance premium can be made via credit card and upon receiving your payment, they will work to have your insurance policy issued and you will receive a PDF soft-copy as issued by Allianz.

We used to help car dealers in issuing new insurance policies for new car and realized that many existing policies holders are searching to renew their motor car insurance policy online to avoid the trouble of driving out to search for an insurance agent for their insurance renewal. Thus, this site is created to provide the general public a platform to have their insurance policy renewed without the need to leave their home or office.

Lazada – The Leading Online Shopping Mall in Malaysia

lazada-logoLazada is pioneering e-commerce across some of the fastest growing countries in the world by offering a fast, secure and convenient online shopping experience with a broad product offering in categories ranging from fashion, consumer electronics to household goods, toys and sports equipment. Lazada is always striving to offer its customers the best possible offering – including multiple payment options, free returns and extensive customer service and warranty commitments.

We are constantly expanding our product range as well like recently the Fashion and Watches category. We offer the best selection of quality products you’ll find anywhere all at your fingertips. Online shopping in Malaysia has never been this easy! Stay connected and stay tuned for new offers and deals we have from time to time. Remember, everyday is a shopping day on Lazada!

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Malaysia Accredited Domain Name Registrar

Webcc Domain Name RegistrarWeb Commerce Communications Limited (WEBCC) is an Internet service provider focus in domain name wholesale service and digital brand management. Webnic – our global identity, is an internationally recognized brand synonymous with quality wholesale Internet service to resellers. The webnic Premier Partner Program, designed with growing Internet businesses in mind, has helped our customers accelerate their business expansion globally over the years.

Established in 2000, WEBCC has offices in Singapore, Taiwan and Malaysia. WEBCC is an accredited Registrar for ICANN, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Vietnam, EU, US and growing list of other country-code domain names.

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Malaysia’s Renown Hologram Labels and Security Stickers Manufacturer

packtica-300x103Packtica Sdn. Bhd. manufactures high technology hologram labels and stickers in Malaysia. Packtica extends our complete range of holographic security stickers and tamper proof labels to customers worldwide aside from Malaysia. Their holographic labels and security stickers protect companies and consumers from parallel importer, thefts, counterfeited products or fraudulent documents. Packtica is able to deliver with continuous development for better security and labeling products.

Packtica’s hologram labels are commonly used among industries that need tamper protection on packages and products. They have been manufacturing more than 10 million pieces of hologram and security labels to assure the genuinely products. These stickers and labels are used to protect products from external damages or intentional thefts during transportations. Our hologram labels are made from state-of-art holographic printing technologies that are embedded into our labels and stickers. We believe these contribute to the brand reputation of a company.

Packtica offers a complete portfolio of tamper proof labels and hologram labels consisting more than 20 different anti counterfeit solution technologies. These tamper proof stickers are designed for single use only, to be the most innovative solution to duplication and counterfeiting issues. These labels and stickers are designed to be destructive and irreversible for security purposes. Their hologram labels can be manufactured based on custom designs to suit different businesses purposes. They also offer a wide array of general labels and stickers for different products and items.  They can be widely used as pharmaceutical stickers, barcode stickers, computer stickers, warranty stickers, electronic stickers etc.

If you are looking for the right Holographic and High Security label supplier, look no further. Packtica is ready to commit with Service, Quality, Technology and Value for Money.

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CNC Lathe Machine, Cutting & Plate Rolling Machine Supplier in Malaysia

Malaysia Machineries SupplierHasil Karya Sdn Bhd is a leading machineries distributor in Malaysia with over 20 years of experience. They have a team of experienced technical team that has become an important part of their company.

Hasil Karya has more than 17 types of machine category that are available in our warehouse.

Machine tool and mould making machines:

  • CNC Lathe machine
  • CNC Turning Machine
  • CNC machining center
  • Drilling machine
  • CNC Milling machine
  • Surface grinding machine
  • CNC drilling and tapping machine
  • Slotting and shaping machine

Sheet metal machines:

  • Ironworker
  • Press brake / CNC bending machine
  • Plate rolling machine (CNC /manual) / Hydraulic Plate roll
  • Power press machine
  • Bordering machine
  • Laser machine / CO2 Laser Machine
  • Band saw / sawing machine
  • Shearing machine (CNC /manual)
  • Profile bending / pipe rolling machine (CNC /manual)

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